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MotiveWave WednesdayMotiveWave Wednesday
Join Todd Gordon for the MotiveWave Wednesday Webinar - The Mid-Week Update- March 4th, 2015 . . . keep reading

Latest Updates
This Pullback Is The Apple of My EyeThis Pullback Is The Apple of My Eye
By Todd Gordon - February 26, 2015
Apple is pulling back in a buy-able support zone constructed from this 2-step process. We then look at option pricing to determine how best to play this trade. . . . keep reading

Long The IWM With Put Credit Spreads Based On The Elliott Wave CountLong The IWM With Put Credit Spreads Based On The Elliott Wave Count
By Todd Gordon - February 24, 2015
The Russell 2000 is breaking out and we are tracking two Elliott Wave counts. At this point it's too early to tell which will prevail, but both counts point towards higher levels in the next 1-3 months. In this 3-minute video we show you how we structured the put credit spread in line with the Elliott Wave count on the shorter-term 3 hour chart. . . . keep reading



- David Steel, Bedfordshire, UK Not only do you make some great calls for live trades but your detailed analysis and your webinars are truly more

- Lavr Chernov, Volgograd, Russia. You guys are amazing at what you're doing, the methodology is pretty straight forward and thoughtful enough. Maybe you don't know this Todd, but you are my more

- Kevin Jackson The knowledge I have gained as a subscriber has allowed me to be a profitable part-time more